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    FoodTronix Self-Service Kiosk

The FoodTronix Self-Service Kiosk (SSK) provides restaurants the ability to supplement staff without the added overhead. This solution focuses on diverting customers from bottlenecked cashier and host queues. This additionally provides customers a second choice before leaving the restaurant because it is "too busy".

The kiosk is developed to integrate tightly with the FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS), allowing centralized order processing, data administration and reporting. Feature functionality in this solution includes optimized self-service layout, payment collection, promotions, loyalty program interaction, security, and in-store POS integration.

Customer Diversion
Having a rush is one of the best (and stressful) events for a restaurant to have, yet watching customers leave because they see the restaurant's queue management is insufficient to meet their time-line is crushing. The kiosk gives customers the option of accessing your restaurant's services without getting in the long line attached to a cashier or host. As the kiosk routes orders through the POS in the same manner as the POS, customers at the kiosk receive a bonus in timesavings by bypassing the line with priority!

Process Optimization
Especially true for lunch-rush restaurants, many customers prioritize their time-line above personal service. The kiosk is designed to guide a customer like a robotic cashier, taking the order at the customer's pace. Loyalty member customers are able to retrieve their previous order and replicate or tweak it quickly, sometimes faster then your cashier.



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