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    FoodTronix Restauarant Management System

The FoodTronix Restaurant Management System (RMS) represents the most comprehensive restaurant point of sale (POS) tool in our arsenal. Our solution is not only focused on your in-store operations, but strategic cost reduction, revenue channel growth and process optimization.

The RMS is not portioned into smaller modules as many vendors do. We only offer our complete solution. Our customer experience has shown partial solutions cause partial success and partial customer satisfaction. Feature functionality in our solution includes TableService, QuickService, PizzaService, cash-control, employee security, time cards, inventory management, comprehensive management reports, instant credit card processing, multi-station support, Internet integration and more. You can browse some of our benefits by clicking the appropriate benefit listed here.

In-store Operations
From clocking in to assembling an employee bank, the RMS will manage the cash and order flow in your day-to-day operations. The system will process payments, facilitate order modifications, make sure the kitchen dispatches are relayed, and report the days progress through quick daily reports.

Cost Reduction
In addition to simple inventory management, cash loss prevention technology, and accurate order tracking; simply having a POS in your operation will bring to light cost factors that have been going unchecked. We are so confident you will realize cost reduction we guarantee it!

Revenue Channel Growth
Cost reduction and order tracking are important, but growing your marketing and customer loyalty are also major features of the RMS. Update your web page with the click of a button, market your packaged specials on e-Bay, start an e-mail, phone, or postal advertising campaign using our customer manager, even make tactical day-to-day marketing changes based on the WEATHER!

Process Optimization
Implement our proven structured process to improve the speed and effectiveness of your operation. Our goal is to ensure orders are quickly processed, dispatched, closed, and your customer-perceived turnover speed is ideal. The RMS provides the functionality and reporting you will need to achieve this.



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