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“Cupcakes Gourmet started with a single store in 2008 and not much idea on what to do in terms of IT and POS. FoodTronix helped us establish not only that store, but two more. They helped us grow and establish a common process and, more importantly, they have always been responsive to our needs.”

- Cupcakes Gourmet

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Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Pittsburgh

Call our pros from National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group for quality commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in Pittsburgh. When you want the job done right the first time around, be sure to choose a kitchen hood cleaning service with a reputation throughout the community for excellence. We know you have many options; however, we feel we are the right agency when it comes to maintaining code compliance and keeping your doors open for business.

Not Convinced?

Check out real before and after photos in our website gallery to see the difference quality cleaning can make at your place of business. We don’t just clean exhaust systems, we come in and take photos before we get to work, discuss any special instructions you may have for our crew, perform the job without taking any shortcuts, and walk through the completed job with you, taking pictures along the way and meticulously going over our checklist. The proof is in the results we achieve and in our customer satisfaction rate.

Full-Service Cleaning

Our clients rely on us for superior commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in Pittsburgh and its surrounds. Our routine cleaning consists of:

  • Cleaning inside and outside of the kitchen hood
  • Cleaning or exchanging the grease filters as necessary
  • Cleaning accessible ductwork and access panels
  • Cleaning the exhaust fans
  • Cleaning from the top of the equipment to the backsplash
  • Polishing stainless steel surfaces for the finishing touch

If you require customized cleaning or have additional items you want us to clean, just let us know beforehand, and we’ll add the details to our checklist. One of the top reasons why clients hire us over our competition is our ability to provide a more personalized service that better meets the needs of the restaurant industry.

We’re Looking For 5 Star Results

When we do the final walk-through with you, we’ll be looking to ensure you are 100% satisfied with the job we’ve done. If anything is not up to your standards, we’ll go over it again until it’s right. Our years of experience in providing commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in Pittsburgh have given us a broad range of knowledge and expertise. We’ll do our very best to get it right on our first pass.

Emergency 24 Hour Service

If you’ve received a red flag from the health department or need an emergency exhaust system cleaning, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll dispatch a team to your place of business so you’ll be back in full compliance when we’re through; in fact, we’ll put a certificate of compliance sticker on your exhaust hood with the date of the cleaning and the date when service is due again.

No other commercial kitchen hood cleaning services in Pittsburgh are as committed to your needs as our team at National Hood Exhaust & Fire Group. We understand the industry to a greater degree, having served hospitality businesses of all sizes in our many years offering one-stop services to our clients.

Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Pittsburgh

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Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services Pittsburgh

Where to Start in Your POS Purchase

FoodTronix POS Buyers GuidePOS Buyers Guide Start Here

Choosing the Right POS System

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Depending what your needs are, the point of sale system can start as low as $40 or be in excess of $10,000. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the POS buyer's guide, then contact our restaurant consultant who can give exact figures.

How long have you been in business?

Incepted and based in Grapevine, TX, FoodTronix has been operating since 2002.

What happens if I need support?

Day or night, weekends or holidays, we are open 24x7 with live tech support agents based in Grapevine, TX to handle your support concerns. Fun fact: 99% of our calls are easily resolved remotely saving time for everybody!

How long does it take to have a system up and running in my restaurant?

This depends on how customized your system needs are. For a simple system used by most stores, the delivery timeline including the menu programming and shipping averages 2 - 4 weeks.

What are the hardware warranties?

The warranties vary based on manufacturer. Most all touchcomputers, desktop computers, touchscreen monitors, receipt and kitchen printers carry a 3-year parts and labor warranty. Our cash drawers carry a 2-year parts and labor warranty. Our caller ID interceptors, customer displays, food scales, barcode scanners, fingerprint readers, battery backups, network routers, and network switches carry a 1-year parts and labor warranty. These are manufacturer backed warranties, our maintenance program covers us being your primary point of contact regarding these issues.

What is the difference between your full service option and quick serve?

Our ordering screens are optimized for the store environment. This is necessary as cashiers need functions waiters do not, and vice versa. This does make our system leaps and bounds more productive which in those 2 respective environments.

POS Buyers Guide